Nayyera Haq

  • CEO, Avicenna Strategy: Founder of a public affairs firm helping non-profits and foundations build connections across cultures.
  • Senior Director, White House: Assisted President’s Cabinet in implementing national security and economic policy.
  • Senior Advisor, Spokesperson, State Department: Advanced U.S. national interests in crisis areas, including Afghanistan, South Asia, Middle East, and the Ukraine. Shared US policy perspectives with foreign language media. Shared US policy perspectives with foreign language media.


  • Spokesperson, US Treasury Department: Explained tax, budget, and economic policy to media and American public during height of the economic crisis.
  • Advisor, U.S. CongressProvided communications expertise to Congressional leadership and multiple candidates for Congress.  

Nayyera grew up on Staten Island, the daughter of immigrants from Pakistan. Her parents – a public school teacher and a physician – instilled a commitment to public service. Nayyera still seeks to understand why the American Dream worked for her while others struggle.

She is an explorer by nature and profession. Nayyera’s curiosity has taken her from debates in Congress and the Israeli Knesset, to hikes in the Rocky Mountains and the Maasai Mara, to roaming the streets of London and Lahore.

Nayyera received a Masters from Georgetown University Law Center and studied history at the University of Michigan. A practicing Muslim, she lives in Maryland with her veterinarian husband and baby boy. Nayyera finds zen while scuba diving, which is not as often as she would like.